Debbie's Celebration Barn
Do you have a place for the bridal party to get ready?

Yes, we have a newly renovated bridal suite.

How many guests will the venue comfortably hold?

Approximately 250 guests

Can sparklers be used within the venue?


Can we bring our own beer and alcohol?

No, we have a liquor license and a bartending staff.

Can we set off fireworks?


Can we hire our own DJ?

Yes, please refer to our vendor’s page to check out some of our local DJs and live music acts previously used at the venue.

Can we pay for set up and tear down.

Yes, please see the policy’s page for further information.

Do we need to bring our own ice for the ice tables?


Do we need to bring our own propane tanks for outdoor heaters or fire table tops?


Do we need to bring wood for the fire pit?