e presume that planning a wedding isn't your typical
          routine undertaking. And planning a Midwest barn
          wedding, away from home, might seem a little challenging. But not to worry. . .

With plenty of hands-on experience, we can help you organize your destination event in a pleasant, secure and solid way.

We'll offer you our extensive and very reliable vendor list, seating arrangement suggestions, and we'll give you all the advise you might need.

Planning your event

                                             Once you’re officially set on
                                             your date at The Barn,
                                             finding your caterer is most
                                             likely your next big decision.
                                             We can help you find the
                                             perfect culinary match,
                                             through our vendor list and
                                             our guiding recommendations.
                                             Based on our experience with
                                             a very diverse group of
                                             caterers from southeast Iowa,
                                             we’ll help you discover the
                                             right caterer for your events.

Finding your caterer

          eddings are always a great reason to dress up. And a
          barn wedding can be wildly stylish. But high heels,
          especially stilettos, might not be the most comfortable choice in & around our barn. So tell your guests to go for low heels, or stable yet flashy platform soles. Or simply leave the Jimmy Choo’s at home this time and dance the night away on comfy flip-flops or cowboy boots!




Louis Vuitton beware!

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