Debbie's Celebration Barn

Reservation & Payment

A rental agreement must be signed as well as a security deposit of $500 submitted, to reserve the grounds & barn for your event. The full rental fee will be due six months before the event. The security deposit will be refunded less any damages or charges incurred, within four weeks after the event.

Cancellation & Refunds

Termination of a rental at least nine months before the event will have two-thirds ($266) refunded. Termination under nine months but over six months before the start of rental will result in forfeiture of the entire security deposit. Termination within six months from the start of the rental will result in forfeiture of the entire rental fee and deposit. Last-minute cancellations due to inclement weather will not be considered for refunds

Time In / Time Out

We host one wedding per weekend, therefore allowing you to choose the day and time frame of your event with an earliest starting time of 2pm and the latest end time of 11pm. Live music, including DJ, band, or acoustic entertainment is permitted in The Barn. Debbie’s Celebration Barn music and bar closes at 10:30pm as a courtesy to our neighborhood.


We recommend wedding event insurance. Here is one option, however, this is just a suggestion, please discuss it with your local insurance agent about event insurance policies.

Our Policies

We look forward to hosting your wedding at Debbie’s Celebration Barn. Please note that we are strictly an event facility. We will however gladly advise you in your preparations & help you to find all the right vendors for your event. Your booking at our barn comes with an extensive vendor list.


The client cannot hold Debbie’s Celebration Barn liable from suit, actions, damages, and expenses in connection with personal injury, illness, or property damage or theft resulting from the use of any facility at The Celebration Barn. The Barn is not responsible for personal articles left unattended in any part of the property during an event or left after the conclusion of the event.

Courtesy Protocol

Debbie’s Celebration Barn reserves the right to request any person or group of people acting unruly and contrary to rental  regulations to leave the premises. Assistance from law enforcement agencies may be acquired if this request in not met immediately.

Unforeseen Events

The client cannot hold The Celebration Barn responsible for failure to provide the basic facilities and services due to emergencies, catastrophes, or interruptions of public utilities. If an Act of God were to occur preventing the event from taking place as scheduled, Debbie’s Celebration Barn will allow for the event to be rescheduled, pending availability, with no penalty.